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Here She Comes

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Nicholas Hughes

My mother suffered from depressive illness for most of her life. During some parts of it she was psychotic.

From a very early age I was afraid of being like her and the fear of her illness made coping with my own depressive tendencies more difficult.
A dip in mood would send me into a panic.

For a long time the fear of being "my mother's daughter" usurped perspective and common sense and I was hostage to it.

I did not want to be like her, her type of depression, her brand of "crazy".

In the last month, a few people have remarked that not only was I not like her, but I would never be like her.
And finally, i think I am more than ready to let that fear go.

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I have been away for awhile.

It was longer than I expected.

One of the reasons is shortly after my last entry my PC died.

A couple of months ago I got a laptop but I just never quite felt moved enough to write.

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chocolate and nuts
chocolate and cherries
chocolate and rasberries
chocolate and vanilla
chocolate and cinnamon
chocolate and chillies
chocolate and BACON ?



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It has been quite awhile since I did one of these


another adult toy catalog... well put together, with reasonable prices and some items that http://www.blowfish.com does not carry

and here is a bonus link:

she writes great erotica for all.

As I previously mentioned voter turnout was expected to be high. I am beyond happy that was in fact the case.
I am excited that people are taking an interest in the political process.
I think it may be an indicator that some of our inertia and apathy may be lifting.

I found this interesting: I had watched the morning news coverage yesterday and the consensus was that Hillary Clinton was dead in the water...that she was not going to be able to over come the momentum Barack Obama had.

For the sake of the political process I am glad THEY were wrong.

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I am posting this before I watch any news coverage.

It was predicted that there will be a huge voter turn-out; perhaps as high as 70%.

That abso-fucking-lutely thrills me... .

I have been excited about that prospect all day.


I am doing well.

I have not forgotten about anybody.

In the last 6 months I:
(in no particular order)

was granted Social Security Disability...the case was compelling enough that they actually approved it befor i had submitted all of my paperwork.

acknowledged the end of a 4 yr relationship.

have redefined the type of relationship that I want and have happily dipped my toes into the "kinky" side of life.

will write more soon.

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It has been awhile.

Life in transition.

On vacation: in NJ.


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